Head Boy and Girl – Leaving speech to the school

This is the transcript of an inspirational speech given by our outgoing head boy and girl to the whole school at the Year 13 leavers’ assembly.

 Stephen: 6 years ago, I was standing up here reading my speech to be House Captain of Ormerod House. Now, in Year 13, I’m here saying my thank you and goodbye speech, which really does make me quite sad, yet excited to move onto new adventures.

The opportunities I have been given at Crompton House have been absolutely phenomenal. I really cannot thank all the staff, governors and students enough for this. To finish my Crompton House journey as Head Boy has been a dream come true; I’m not sure that I would have had these same opportunities anywhere else. It is because Crompton House have so much interest in enriching us to be all rounded individuals that these opportunities arise.

Every day, I walk through the school gates with a feeling that I am cared for, with the presence of a huge sense of community. When I leave this school today, every day for a long time, something will feel missing in my life.

If there’s one thing to take away from what I say, please grasp every opportunity you have while you’re at Crompton House. The ethos and attitudes towards school life are there for a reason, to set us up for the future to be outstanding people. If you feel ‘ordinary’ and there’s not much to school life at the minute, there will be an opportunity to grasp. If you’re always getting into trouble and want a new start, it’s not too late, make that change and feel like you’re becoming a better person. I honestly believe everyone has the potential to do what they want to do, so make it happen.

Lois:  For me, Crompton House has shaped me as a person. I have been given amazing teachers and I have made so many friends, all of whom have influenced me in a positive way.

Seven years have gone by, and I still love this school as much as I did on my first day in Year 7.

Today I will leave the school gates for the last official time; however I leave with more knowledge and more wisdom than what I started with.

Crompton House is almost like a family, and there will be a hole in my heart once I leave. I am so grateful for the teachers who have influenced me to do the best I can, and I am grateful for the many opportunities Crompton House has offered me. Most importantly, I am grateful to have been a part of such an amazing school, which has allowed me to make the best memories over the past 7 years.

Stephen: Coming to Crompton House School and Sixth Form, has been the biggest and best experience of my life so far, one which I will cherish forever and one which I will never forget. Thank you again to everyone here and to those who have now left us for being such a big part of it.

We wish everybody here the very best in the years to come.

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